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If you’re facing difficulty┬áin choosing and finding of Samsung S9 Student Discount?? Then you’re in the right place, we at Discounts Notebook blog will cover complete genuine information about what are the present student discounts available and also we’ll notify students about the piece of exclusive information about Samsung discounts for students.

Here’s the list of Present Samsung Discounts for students

Recently Samsung started a student discount program which focuses on saving a little amount of money with the purchase of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones, especially for the students.

This Samsung discount offer will be only applicable If you’re a student from a recognized university and with a valid .edu email account to join the Samsung discount program.

Steps to be completed to claim Samsung S9 Student Discount
  • A student should be from a recognized university
  • The student must have a .edu email account to join the Samsung student discounts program.
  • Sign-up using .edu email ID and validate yourself with the verification process.
  • While purchasing Galaxy S9/S9+ handsets students will special promotional of $63.

The above steps should have to take care while applying to the Samsung student’s discounts program.

Samsung Exchange Discounts

Here’s the one more money saving guide especially for students, Samsung students discounts program also allows you trade your previous working smartphone for a deal up to $350 and not to forget that you’re also eligible for $63 discount too.

So combining all student discounts, it’ll be around $410 worth money is going to save for students and Samsung also helping students with monthly financial payments for those who’ve issues with one-time payments.

Samsung Discounts For Teachers

Not just the students Samsung discounts program also applies to teachers or any other recognized university faculty having a valid .edu email address.

So, hurry and fill your bag with all new Samsung products for lesser prices and do not forget to claim all those promotions like Samsung discounts for Students.


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